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Klou KPD1 Post Driver boosts hire fleet

Express Hire, one of the leading hire companies in the South of England, acquired a Klou KPD1 post driver back in August 2016, along with a hitch to suit their Kubota U27-4 mini excavator.

We’ve been running the KPD1 for nearly five years now" said Andy of Express Hire. “It’s built like a tank – we’ve never had any issues with it.

The post driver has been hired to a range of clients, for tasks including the installation of scaffold poles for retaining hoarding, installation of post-and-rail fencing in equestrian facilities, and many farm location across Dorset and Somerset. In 2021 alone, it’s been out for at least one week in every month. And even when it’s not out, it’s so compact that it’s no problem to store, stated Andy.The other positive point for us is the minimal maintenance requirements – now and then you need to change an AV rubber mounting, but otherwise it’s just a quick check of the hoses before you send it out on the next hire.

An additional advantage for Express hire has been the high level of safety offered by the KPD1. It does not have the large falling weight of conventional post drivers, preventing dangerous incidents like posts shattering. Also, the light weight and compact dimensions of the KPD1 ensure that it does not affect the stability of the machine that it is mounted on – a major plus for operators who may be slightly less experienced.

Overall, it’s been a very successful investment”, said Andy. “It’s paid for itself several times over, and it’s still going strong.