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Stump Grinders

The KSG1-EX and KSG2-EX are high-performance stump- grinding attachments. Using highly efficient direct-drive axial-piston hydraulic motors, they put all available hydraulic power to good use, ensuring that stumps are removed rapidly and effectively. The build quality is second-to-none, with all components carefully designed to withstand the robust treatment that is often required to get the job done. Despite this, the KSG series is exceedingly compact, making it easily manageable even for smaller excavators.

Stump Grinder

The reach of the carrier machine can be used to access stumps that are difficult or impossible to get close to - some common locations include:

  • Steep embankments - such as beside roads/railways
  • In flower-beds/ornamental borders
  • Behind fences

The reach of the carrier machine can also reduce the amount of re-positioning required when removing multiple stumps, minimising damage to sensitive surfaces such as lawns.

Stump Grinder
Stump Grinder

Product Features

Stump Grinder Feature 1

The transverse mounting position ensures the best possible visibility for the operator, preventing fatigue in order to boost efficiency

Stump Grinder Feature 2

The large-displacement axial piston motor runs well within its maximum power rating, minimising wear for a long service life while reducing power losses to heat generation, maximising efficiency

Stump Grinder Feature 3

The practically unbreakable tempered steel shaft runs in two massive taper-roller bearings, offering all of the efficiency gains of a direct-drive system (no power lost to belts or gearboxes), while protecting the motor from high axial and radial loads

Stump Grinder Feature 4

The cutting wheel turns at a relatively low speed but with very high torque, which ensures that power goes into the stump rather being lost to aerodynamic drag

Stump Grinder Feature 5

The replaceable, self-sharpening tungsten carbide teeth have multiple cutting edges, reducing wearing part costs, and can easily be rotated or changed without the need to brace the cutting wheel

Stump Grinder Feature 6

The guard is mounted on a pivot, allowing it to move clear as you get deeper into the cut, while still preventing debris being thrown far from the working area

Stump Grinder Feature 7

The cutting wheel is designed to retain momentum, evening out load peaks, and permitting smooth, even cuts

Stump Grinder Feature 8

The hydraulic pipes are spiral-wrapped, protecting them from scuff wear

Product Specification

Klou UK operates a policy of continuous development and improvement - all specifications are therefore subject to change without notice

Dimensions (exc tool grip & stand) KSG1-EX KSG2-EX
A - Overall height (mm) 490 560
B - Overall width (mm) 605 705
C - Overall length (mm) 690 700
D - Cutter wheel dia. inc. teeth (mm) 415 489
E - Min. hub clearance* (mm) 120 147
Overall weight (kg) 105 125

*If greater grinding depth is required, this can be easily achieved by slightly enlarging the hole

Hydraulic service requirements KSG1-EX KSG2-EX
Min/max flow (litres/min) 22/80 50/150
Min/max pressure (bar) 150/300 150/300
Case drain required? Yes* Yes*
Pressure-free return line(hammer circuit) required? Yes* Yes*

*Case drain required only if pressure-free return line is not available

Stump Grinder Spec

Review of the Klou Stump Grinder

“The Klou stump grinder attachment is an excellent bit of kit, with its reach and ability to get to places another machine can’t. Don’t expect the performance of a dedicated stump grinder, but why pay for and then maintain an extra engine and transmission when you’ve already got your own excavator? Sitting comfortably in a quiet and safe digger cab, you can still get the job done very quickly, as long as you are gentle on the controls. Also, the Klou attachment is nice and small, and therefore very easy to transport – not like bringing an additional machine to site.

The grinder is very well made, and the customer service that I have received from Klou is excellent.”

Dan. L, Profix Building Ltd

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