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Cone Splitters
KCS500 • KCS800

The KCS500 and KCS800 are built for heavy-duty splitting tasks. They are specifically designed to maximise ease of use and productivity, while requiring very little maintenance.

They can be used for:

  • Breaking up logs that are too big to fit into woodchippers
  • Splitting large-diameter lengths of firewood to allow them to fit wood processors
  • Reducing large pieces of waste wood such as stumps, permitting easier handling
  • General firewood splitting work
Cone Splitter

Their ability to split large pieces of wood in situ reduces the need for handling, both manually and with machinery, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of injury caused by accidents during the handling process.

Cone Splitter
Cone Splitter

Product Features

Cone Key Feature 1

The cone tip is hardened to minimise wear under heavy usage, and can be replaced if required, without replacing the whole cone

Cone Key Feature 1

The low-speed, high-torque geroler motor removes the need for a reduction gearbox, minimising the number of moving parts and maximising efficiency

Cone Key Feature 1

The aggressive cone taper angle and sharp, deep thread ensures that the cone rapidly splits the workpiece, without slipping

Cone Key Feature 1

The sturdy hydraulic hoses are protected from scuff wear by heavy-duty spiral wrap

Cone Splitter
Cone Splitter

Product Specification

Dimensions (excluding tool grip) KCS500 KCS800
A - Overall height (mm) 800 800
B - Overall width (mm) 235 235
C - Overall length (mm) 350 350
D - Cone diameter - widest (mm) 195 215
E - Overall height of cone - (mm) 340 365
Overall weight (kg) 125 130
Cone Splitter Detailed Drawing
Hydraulic service requirements KCS500 KCS800
Min/max flow (litres/min) 25/80 35/80
Min/max pressure (bar) 175/255 160/235
Case drain required? No No
Pressure-free return line required? No No

Review of the Klou Cone Splitter

“I have noted below some of the benefits we have noticed from owning a Klou Cone Splitter:

  • Faster, easier and safer firewood processing
  • The option to split down larger sections of timber for the chipper, saving on extra vehicle trips and space in our yard for low-value timber
  • The larger timber arisings from tree work can be an extra burden to remove. Customers are often happy to keep the smaller timber that won’t go through the chipper but the oversized timber is too large for them to manage. Having the ability to offer all of the timber to be left in a manageable size saves cost for us and replaces that with a valuable chargeable service to the customer.”

Ian Geddes, Managing Director of Toller Tree Care Ltd

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