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Log Grab

The KLG1-MC, KLG1-M and KLG2-M are professional log grabs, robustly constructed for use with mini skid steers and mini articulated loaders. The simple but extremely strong design ensures high reliability by minimising the number of moving parts. It is useful for a range of tasks including:

  • Handling of large logs
  • Loading of brush into woodchippers
  • Handling of posts, telegraph poles and stakes

The high gripping power of the grab, combined with the rigid mounting system, prevents the load from swinging during transit, maximising operator control and safety.

Log Grab
Log Grab
Log Grabs

Product Features

Cone Key Feature 1

The large-bore ram maximises crushing power, and the pilot-operated check valve prevents the grab from opening without operator input, ensuring load retention

Cone Key Feature 2

The optional front-mounted tow-ball permits easy movement of trailers and trailed plant, without the need to change attachment

Cone Key Feature 3

The optional side-mounted capstan is a useful tie-point for ropes when dragging brush from hard-to-access areas.

Cone Key Feature 4

The rear brace spreads forces evenly throughout the grab and carrier vehicle, and helps to prevent the load from shifting

Cone Key Feature 5

The hydraulic pipes are spiral-wrapped and routed through the centre of the grab, protecting them from scuff wear and catching on branches

Cone Key Feature 6

The immensely strong rigid swivel system (never known to break) prevents the load from swinging while in transit, maximising operator control and safety – particularly in confined spaces

Log Grab
Log Grab

Product Specification

Klou Log Grab
Klou Log Grab
Dimensions (exc tool grip, capstan, tow-ball) KLG2-M KLG1-M KLG1-MC
A - Overall height (mm) 730 520 505
B1 - Overall width - open (mm) 1370 1105 1105
B2 - Overall width - closed (mm) 800 625 625
C - Overall length (mm) 745 650 300
D - Max. open width (mm) 1160 945 945
E - Min. closed dia. (mm) 80 60 60
Max. log dia. (mm) 950 750 750
Overall weight (kg) 180 125 105
Hydraulic service requirements KLG2-M KLG1-M KLG1-MC
Min/max flow (litres/min) 20/75 15/60 15/60
Min/max pressure (bar) 150/250 150/250 150/250
Case drain required? No No No
Pressure free return line required No No No

Klou UK operates a policy of continuous development and improvement - all specifications are therefore subject to change without notice

Review of the Klou Log Grab

"I just wanted to say how happy I am with the log grab for my mini skid-steer. I’ve used various loader grapples previously, some of which impressed and others which did not, but the Klou grapple is head and shoulders above anything I have used before. Your grapple has been beasted for 2 weeks now and it is hands down the best designed and fabricated attachment I’ve used. I keep finding new ways to use it – I feel real thought has gone into it. Time will tell with build quality – these things go through a lot, but so far it’s been brilliant and looks and feels more like something I’d find on a timber crane on a forestry forwarder. The foresters have been impressed too – high praise indeed from those boys!"

Ben, Centaur Tree Services Ltd

Update - 3 years later - “Still going strong!”

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