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Swing-arm Stump Grinder

The SG1SW is a high-performance stump grinding attachment, specifically developed for use with loader-type carrier machines.

The cutting head is mounted on a swing-arm, mimicking the action of a conventional dedicated stump grinder, resulting in a unit that is both easy to use and extremely efficient, due to the smooth cutting action that the swing-arm provides. An offset arm offers unparalleled operator visibility, while the drive system has been optimised to put all available hydraulic power to good use, ensuring rapid removal of even the most stubborn stumps.

The build quality is second-to-none, with all components carefully designed to withstand the robust treatment that is often required to get the job done.

Swing Arm Stump Grinder
Swing Arm Stump Grinder
Swing Arm Stump Grinder

Product Features

Swing Arm Stump Grinder Key Feature 1

The swing-arm is controlled by a 12V electric valve, removing the need for an additional auxiliary circuit. The ram speed can also be finely adjusted, allowing the stump grinder to be optimised for many different carrier machines

Swing Arm Stump Grinder Key Feature 2

The practically unbreakable tempered steel shaft runs in two massive taper-roller bearings, offering all of the efficiency gains of a direct-drive system (no power lost to belts or gearboxes), while protecting the motor from high axial and radial loads

Swing Arm Stump Grinder Key Feature 3

The cutting wheel turns at a relatively low speed but with very high torque, which ensures that power goes into the stump rather being lost to aerodynamic drag

Swing Arm Stump Grinder Key Feature 4

The replaceable, self-sharpening tungsten carbide teeth have multiple cutting edges, reducing wearing part costs, and can easily be rotated or changed without the need to brace the cutting wheel

Swing Arm Stump Grinder Key Feature 5

The stump grinder has comprehensive rubber guarding, protecting the operator from flying debris

Swing Arm Stump Grinder Key Feature 6

The cutting wheel is designed to retain momentum, evening out load peaks, and permitting smooth, even cuts

Swing Arm Stump Grinder Key Feature 7

The cutting head is mounted on an offset swing-arm and is operated by a dedicated ram, ensuring a smooth, efficient cutting action and class-leading visibility

Swing Arm Stump Grinder
Swing Arm Stump Grinder

Product Specification

Swing Arm Stump Grinder
Swing Arm Stump Grinder
Swing Arm Stump Grinder
Dimensions(exc tool grip) SG1SW
A - Overall height (mm) 530
B - Overall width - open (mm) 750
C - Overall length (mm) 1000
D - Cutter Wheel dia, inc teeth 489
E - Min. hub clearance* (mm) 150
F - Max. sweep width (mm) 820
Overall weight (kg) 185

* If greater grinding depth is required, this can be easily achieved by slightly enlarging the hole

Hydraulic service requirements SG1SW
Min/max. flow (litres/min) 35/80
Min/max. pressure (bar) 150/250
Case drain required? Yes
Pressure-free return line (hammer circuit) required? No
12V electrical supply required? Yes*

* If carrier machine has two auxiliary circuits, electrical supply may not be required - contact Klou for more information

Review of the Klou Swing-arm Stump Grinder

"This stump grinder is a little beauty!

It has truly outperformed expectations when used with our mini skid-steer, all but removing the need for a pedestrian stump grinder. The smooth cutting action and impressive amount of torque allow it to remove stumps very quickly, while the offset mounting of the arm ensures good visibility, making it very easy to operate. It’s great from an H&S point of view as well – being hydraulically operated, there’s no risk of anyone straining their back while using it. Basically, I can now convert my skid-steer into a high-performance stump grinding unit at will!"

Henry Fox, Managing Director - Brendon Hill Tree Services Ltd

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