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Vibrating Post Driver

The KPD1 is a high-performance vibrating post-driver attachment, built to drive posts in the most demanding ground conditions. The specialist technology used ensures that it can install posts exceedingly rapidly, while minimising stresses caused to the post. The KPD1 is particularly useful when working in conditions where access to the working area is limited, due to the long reach capabilities that it provides, especially when mounted on an excavator or telescopic handler.

It can be used for the installation of:

  • Bank stabilisation systems in rivers
  • Vineyard stakes
  • Farm fencing
  • Post-and-rail fencing
  • Wooden, plastic and steel shoring systems
  • Jetty support posts


Post Driver

As the KPD1 has no exposed moving parts, and the risk of a post shattering is negligible, it is exceedingly safe to operate. In fact, the low weight and compact dimensions of the unit ensure that it does not impact carrier stability, even at full reach, while also easing transport.

Post Driver
Post Driver

Product Features

Post Driver Key Feature 1

The interchangeable post cup/hat (custom options available) allows the post driver to drive a variety of posts, stakes, sheet piles and other uprights accurately

Post Driver Key Feature 2

Specialist vibration transfer technology transmits vibrations from the unit through the post and into the ground - stones and other obstacles are simply vibrated out of the way

Post Driver Key Feature 3

The eccentric weight runs in heavy-duty spherical roller bearings mounted within a sealed, oil-filled vibrator housing, removing the need for routine bearing maintenance, while maximising bearing life

Post Driver Key Feature 4

The vibrator unit is separated from the hitch unit on easily-replaceable rubber mountings, ensuring that vibration is not transmitted into the host machine

Post Driver Key Feature 5

The rear-mounted hitch maximises the reach of the carrier machine, allowing even the tallest posts to be handled with ease

Post Driver Key Feature 6

All moving parts are enclosed within a heavy-duty steel housing, minimising safety concerns

Post Driver Key Feature 7

The hydraulic drive is optimised in order to reduce flow requirements, minimising demands on the carrier machine

Post Driver Key Feature 8

Hydraulic hoses are protected from scuff wear by heavy-duty spiral wrap

Post driver mounted on a tractor
Post driver mounted on a crane

Product Specification

Dimensions (exc. tool grip & post cup)  
A - Overall height (mm) 660
B - Overall width (mm) 540
C - Overall length (mm) 305
Overall weight (kg) 165
Post Driver Blueprint
Hydraulic service requirements  
Min/max flow (litres/min) 25/45*
Min/max pressure (bar) 160/255
Case drain required? Yes**
Pressure-free return line (hammer circuit) required? Yes**

*If it is not possible to adjust the output flow on the carrier machine, Klou can install a flow-control valve to permit the KPD1 to be run on carriers providing greater flow

**Case drain required only if pressure-free return line is not available

Review of the Klou Vibrating Post Driver

“This post driver really works!

Over the years we have used conventional hammer post pounders which are heavy on the hitch and don’t drive stakes into the ground a fraction as well as the Klou post driver. The KPD1 vibrates posts deep into the ground at any angle you want. Klou offers a full tailored service of different post cup sizes and hitch attachments so you can use it on any size digger. I won’t be using anything else."

Mark Hewitt, Avon Ponds and Landscaping

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