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Robust and efficient hydraulic attachments

The modern worksite is a demanding, high-pressure environment, with tight deadlines and no room for error, meaning that hydraulic attachments need to make the most of every bit of performance that can be provided by their carrier. Klou hydraulic attachments are built with these conditions in mind, with efficiency, ease-of-use, and strength at the heart of every design. We can provide you with the tools you need for many tasks – such as destroying a stump, shifting some brush, or driving in posts – all at impressive speeds. Check out the range today!

Log Grab

The KLG2-M, KLG1-M and KLG1-MC are professional log grabs, robustly constructed for use with mini skid-steers and mini articulated loaders.

Stump Grinder

The KSG1-EX and KSG2-EX are high performance stump-grinding attachments. Using highly efficient direct-drive axial-piston hydraulic motors, they put all available hydraulic power to good use, ensuring that stumps are removed rapidly and effectively. 

Cone Splitter
KCS500 • KCS800

The KCS500 and KCS800 are built for heavy-duty splitting tasks. They are specifically designed to maximise ease of use and productivity, while requiring very little maintenance.

Vibrating Post Driver
KPD217 • KPD1

The KPD217 and KPD1 are high-performance vibrating post-drivers, built to drive posts in the most demanding ground conditions.

Swing-arm Stump Grinder

The SG1SW is a high-performance stump grinding attachment, specifically developed for use with loader-type carrier machines.

Quick-attach Sweeper Broom

Save time and money when clearing debris on hard surfaces with the Klou KQB1200 Quick-Attach Brush.

Log Grab KLG-R

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Log Grab LGLW

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As we design our superb hydraulic attachments, our first thought is always for the operator. The result? Unparalleled efficiency, quality and reliability.


At Klou, we manufacture the vast majority of our attachments in-house in the UK, using British raw materials and components wherever possible to ensure the highest standards of quality. We constantly strive to maintain and enhance our reputation for unrivalled technical and mechanical ability.