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Avant Equipment Australia becomes Klou Post Driver dealer

Avant Equipment Australia is now a dealer for the market-leading Klou KPD1 vibrating post driver!

Following positive reviews of the Klou post driver from other Avant dealers and distributors around the world, including the UK, Iceland and South Africa, Avant Australia has decided to add it to its arsenal to broaden the appeal of its Avant loaders.

They are advertising the unit for use in the landscaping, property maintenance, farming and stabling markets – all applications where rapid installation of fencing is required.

A particular advantage with the Klou attachment is that it removes the need for pre-drilling before installing uprights under nearly all ground conditions – including in areas where there are large quantities of stones and rocks. Posts, steel stakes, plastic sheet piling and a range of other items can be vibrated straight in. Despite its compact dimensions, the unit packs a serious punch – a 6” round wooden strainer is all in a day’s work for a Klou post driver.

“We have tested the post puncher and found it to work very well”, said Paul Gage, Director at Avant Australia.

For more information, or if you are an Avant owner in Australia thinking that this brutally effective post driver looks like just what you need, check out