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This post driver really works! Over the years we have used conventional hammer post pounders which are heavy on the hitch and don’t drive stakes into the ground a fraction as well as the Klou post driver. The KPD1 vibrates posts deep into the ground at any angle you want. Klou offers a full tailored service of different post cup sizes and hitch attachments so you can use it on any size digger. I won’t be using anything else.

Mark Hewitt, Avon Ponds and Landscaping

I have noted below some of the benefits we have noticed from owning a Klou Cone Splitter:

  • Faster, easier and safer firewood processing
  • The option to split down larger sections of timber for the chipper, saving on extra vehicle trips and space in our yard for low-value timber
  • The larger timber arisings from tree work can be an extra burden to remove. Customers are often happy to keep the smaller timber that won’t go through the chipper but the oversized timber is too large for them to manage. Having the ability to offer all of the timber to be left in a manageable size saves cost for us and replaces that with a valuable chargeable service to the customer.

Ian Geddes, Managing Director of Toller Tree Care Ltd

The Klou stump grinder attachment is an excellent bit of kit, with its reach and ability to get to places another machine can’t. Don’t expect the performance of a dedicated stump grinder, but why pay for and then maintain an extra engine and transmission when you’ve already got your own excavator? Sitting comfortably in a quiet and safe digger cab, you can still get the job done very quickly, as long as you are gentle on the controls. Also, the Klou attachment is nice and small, and therefore very easy to transport – not like bringing an additional machine to site

The grinder is very well made, and the customer service that I have received from Klou is excellent.

Dan L., Profix Building Ltd

We bought our first driver some 9 months ago and very quickly purchased another. We have put in over 20,000m of post wire in some very difficult situations and the machines are still going strong.

Roy Kates, Kates & Co, Berkshire

I have over the years tried many different types of post drivers and augers but have to now say I have found the perfect tool in the Klou post driver. A well-made tool and easily transported as very compact. I feel this will be a real benefit to my business.

Mike Nelder, MN Minidiggers, Lincolnshire

Just thought I'd give you an update, now that we've been using the splitter for a couple of days. Very pleased with its performance - it does everything we hoped it would, and will be an essential part of our operations going forward. Thanks again,

Jim R., Lindsey Tree Services

We hired the vibrating post driver which was fitted on to our 3.5 ton Kubota to use for a pond edging at the Sir Harrold Hiller Arboretum in Ampfield, Hampshire on a job for HCC. It provided us with a very safe and efficient way of driving 2.1m x 150 x 75 posts in the ground, next to each other around the edge of the pond. The digger could drive the posts from a safe working distance of up to 5m from the water’s edge – something we could not have achieved with a tractor or tracked post driver. The unit drove the posts in with such ease and without any damage to the posts! We consequently decided to buy it .

James White, Fencing & Gates, Hampshire